Time to Heal

Helping your body heal itself

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The human body is a remarkable organism. Our bodies are built to maintain good health, but sometimes we get thrown off balance and need help to get back on track. 

Bowen, Reflexology and Reiki all help the body to find that balance. 

When our bodies are injured or sick, our nervous system goes into sympathetic mode, also known as "fight or flight." This is survival mode. For your body to heal itself, it needs to be in parasympathetic mode, where it can relax and repair itself. Bowen, Reflexology and Reiki do just that- firstly, get your body into parasympathetic mode, and then, apply specific procedures to address particular problems. 

Give your body a chance to work as it should- come have a treatment!

Joan Dohey
Bowen Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner
Rahanni Practitioner
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